Entry #7

It's finished.

2014-12-12 08:24:28 by GlennDoesStuff

This current short animation has been a nightmare of trials.

the basic idea was to take all the silly ideas I had for short skits and do them in 1 film following the "robot chicken" format of cutting straight to the next.

half way through none of these stupid ideas seemed funny at all....

my graphics card then goes and packs it in reducing me to the motherboard graphics. Appart from meaning my widescreen monitor gave the image a stretched look, it also meant I lost the ability to run my second monitor.

As a final knife in my side, the lag from drawing in toon boom felt like my pen was stuck in tar. Lip sync became almost impossible without turning of every layer.


BUT despite all this tonight I finally finished it......

It is slowly rendering as I type this and I hope to upload by tomorrow.

whether it is blammed or deemed crap, it won't matter because it feels like I have succeeded despite the universe.

screw you universe!!!!!!!!!


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