It's finished.

2014-12-12 08:24:28 by GlennDoesStuff

This current short animation has been a nightmare of trials.

the basic idea was to take all the silly ideas I had for short skits and do them in 1 film following the "robot chicken" format of cutting straight to the next.

half way through none of these stupid ideas seemed funny at all....

my graphics card then goes and packs it in reducing me to the motherboard graphics. Appart from meaning my widescreen monitor gave the image a stretched look, it also meant I lost the ability to run my second monitor.

As a final knife in my side, the lag from drawing in toon boom felt like my pen was stuck in tar. Lip sync became almost impossible without turning of every layer.


BUT despite all this tonight I finally finished it......

It is slowly rendering as I type this and I hope to upload by tomorrow.

whether it is blammed or deemed crap, it won't matter because it feels like I have succeeded despite the universe.

screw you universe!!!!!!!!!

So little time

2014-11-09 07:50:23 by GlennDoesStuff

Where do people find time to do all the amazing work I see around this site. With kids birthdays and work problems, I have not even turned my PC on for over a week until tonight. Uuuggghhhhhh.


I have 6 scenes in my current animation. 2 are fully complete, a third is finished bar going back and drawing the lip sync then 3 more to go.

Problem is, I now feel like the idea is a bad one and that I tried to hard to force the humour........

I will finish it though, as I usually get this feeling when I've taken to long to finish something.

Work in progress

2014-10-06 07:50:28 by GlennDoesStuff

Back trying to draw again. Working on the first shot of this short. The bank robber is talking to the teller and the shot is from behind. Typically I would have started the scene like that but it seemed boring. Trying to push my self and add some movement to try make it look more dynamic. Feedback welcome



Intuos pro

2014-09-07 02:42:16 by GlennDoesStuff

I have an envelope set aside that I put spare money into for big nights or football trips. This time as my Wacom bamboo 2 was seceding its life expectancy I decided to upgrade to an intuos 4. She went on line and found out how short I was, then for Father's Day, the 'kids' gave me an envelope with the exact amount to make up the difference.

She is awesome.

I spent this weekend drawing cartoon versions of Australian Prime Ministers. How did you waste your weekend?

For Americans, it would be like drawing your Presidents. For North Koreans it would be like Glorius Infallible leaders of true korea.

Aussie PM's


Father and son time

2013-08-15 07:17:20 by GlennDoesStuff

For the 3 people following me, who probably wont read this???

As a father of two I know how important it is to nurture and explain things to your children.
With this experience I hope to convey this in my next short.
A distressed son and a loving re-assuring father.

Idea - 100% done
Vocals - 100% done (more than 2 lines this time...)
Backgrounds - 0%
Long arduous animation -10%

I want to put more effort into the characters this time so will prob take longer. Whatever. Cheers.

update: 20-8-13 : Animation is probably 50% done. Still no backgrounds... (I hate backgrounds)...

Cowboy skit

2013-07-29 09:50:42 by GlennDoesStuff

Only recently joined so not sure if anyone is out there to read this, but I have started a new project.

I had this idea for a short cowboy skit a while ago.
I explained it to my wife.
She said it wasnt ha ha funny, just stupid funny.

She is probably right, but Im doing it anyway so I can get it out of my head and make more room for the voices.

Music 100% complete
Voices 100% complete
Animatic 100% complete

Now for the animating, Im really slow at this part so it may be a while.